Bells Yew Green | Published on: February 8, 2012
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New E-Book, So you want to run a Convenience Store by Peter Lamb
So, You want to run a Convenience Store is a step by step guide to successfully operating your own Convenience Store. Full of Do's and Don'ts. this book will help you on the road to retail success.

Bells yew green, east sussex, february 8th, 2012:

Peter Lamb has launched his first E-Book titled SO, YOU WANT TO RUN A CONVENIENCE STORE. The book is a “How To” guide to running a successful convenience store in the 21st Century.

With the global economy spiraling out of control and many high payed executives losing their jobs, convenience store ownership looks like a good option to many.

Whilst owning a convenience store can be rewarding, it is fraught with danger and many people will lose their shirt if they go into a venture of this type blind. SO, YOU WANT TO RUN A CONVENIENCE STORE is a step by step guide as to what to do to ensure success. “I wish I had access to this book when starting out” said the author, Peter Lamb.

The book is full of do’s and don’t along with differentiators to ensure success, maximizing profit and secrets to success. Peter, who worked in Broadcast Television for 25 years started his store, Lambs Larder in February 2010 and has since turned it into a highly profitable venture, generating profits in excess of 36% per annum. In the book, Peter explains how he achieves this result in simple to follow steps.

I wish I had this book when I was starting out

— Peter Lamb